Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Views on Homosexuality, 1894 edition

We have shown the special functions and really indispensable import of the homogenic or comrade love, in some form, in national life, and it is high time now that the modern States should recognise this in their institutions—instead of (as is also done in schools and places of education) by repression and disallowance perverting the passion into its least satisfactory channels. If the dedication of love were a matter of mere choice or whim, it still would not be the business of the State to compel that choice; but since no amount of compulsion can ever change the homogenic instinct in a person, where it is innate, the State in trying to effect such a change is only kicking vainly against the pricks of its own advantage—and trying, in view perhaps of the conduct of a licentious few, to cripple and damage a respectable and valuable class of its own citizens.

--From the educational pamphlet Homogenic Love--

The author also makes the claim that free societies benefit from homosexuals since they are often unencumbered with children and therefore more likely to stand up to tyrannical behavior.

Here is the Wikipedia entry on the author : Edward Carpenter. He was a gay, nudist, vegetarian who introduced sandals to England and helped found the Fabian Society and the Labour Party. Wow!


dr kill said...

Holy William Faulkner sentence structure, Batman! Did they really say kicking pricks?

How's things in St. Pete? Speaking of kicking pricks, have you abused a Scientologist today? Are they everywhere?

Jennifer said...

I find this absolutely fascinating. And him. Wonder if he has a biography.