Sunday, July 12, 2009

Beauty tips, 1836 edition

How to write a letter:

The injurious effect produced upon the figure by leaning in the manner indicated by fig. 12, must be evident to any one, who will compare the position of fig. 12 with that of fig. 14, or even fig. 13. Mr. Shaw, a gentleman who has written very learnedly upon this subject, recommends, in cases where the body has a decided inclination to the left when writing, to equalize the shoulders, by placing a book under the left elbow; and, if this should not be found sufficient, to balance a book on the head.

--From The Lady's Book--

"Why do you have a book on your head?"

"I'm writing a letter to Grandma."



Jennifer said...

I must not be a lady. I think #12 looks the most lovely and interesting.

Jason (the commenter) said...

She is the most interesting looking, but they would have said she was injuring herself by writing that way. Oh, I need a health tag!