Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fashion tips, 1833 edition

To suppose that great heat of weather will authorize this disorder of the toilet, and will permit us to go in slippers, or with our legs and arms bare, or to take nonchalant or improper attitudes, is an error of persons of a low class, or destitute of education.

No shorts!

For to make a noise in walking is entirely at variance with good manners.

No flip-flops!

Young people who become bald, should not hesitate to have recourse to wigs. Nothing more saddens the appearance, than those bald skulls, which seem always to invite the observations of the anatomist.

Hair pieces are okay!

--From The Gentleman and Lady's Book of Politeness and Propriety of Deportment--


Jennifer said...

Lol. Bare legs > hair pieces. Clearly I am of a low class or destitute of education.

dr kill said...

Graham Parker doesn't do hair fakery either.

chickenlittle said...

No flip-flops!

When I was a kid, flip-flops were called thongs. Betcha that's changed!

Trooper York said...

Hey it's hair extensions dude, not wigs.