Friday, July 3, 2009

Clearasil, 1823 edition

To such females as are determined to make use of cosmetics, instead of attending to the more effectual means to preserve the bloom of the skin, it may be of service to point out one or two external applications, in order to prevent them from resorting to the dangerous and destructive contrivances of quacks.—According to Dr. Withering, a physician of great eminence at Birmingham, an infusion of horse-radish in milk, makes one of the safest and best cosmetics.

To deal with pimples they recommended a mixture of horseradish and milk. Both milk, fresh from a cow, and horseradish have antibacterial properties, so the remedy is at least plausible.


Carefully avoid all immoderate and violent dancing, as the sudden alternations of heat and cold, not only impair the general state of the skin, but are likewise of the greatest detriment to beauty. Abstain from the too frequent and copious use of heating liquors of every kind, particularly punch and strong wines. Avoid, farther, every excess in hot drinks, as coffee, chocolate, tea, particularly the last. Tea taken hot, and in immoderate quantities, not only has a tendency to weaken the organs of digestion, but it causes fluctuations and congestions in the humours of the face, and frequently brings on a degree of debilitating perspiration.

--From A Modern System of Domestic Cookery--

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Jennifer said...

They still recommend milk on cotton balls on your eyes, if puffy. Maybe milk has some sort of anti-inflammatory properties as well.