Thursday, July 9, 2009

America, 1860 edition

But, for profound seriousness of statement, is there anything outrageous in even American romance to match the subjoined paragraph in the President's Message to Congress?--

"It is a striking proof of the sense of justice which is inherent in our people that the property in slaves has never been disturbed, to my knowledge, in any of the territories. Even throughout the late troubles in Kansas there has not been any attempt, as I am credibly informed, to interfere, in a single instance, with the right of the master. Had any such attempt been made, the judiciary would doubtless have afforded an adequate remedy. Should they fail to do this hereafter, it will then be time enough to strengthen their hands by further legislation. Had it been decided that either Congress or the territorial Legislature possess the power to annul or impair the right to property in slaves, the evil would be intolerable."

...But to talk of this right of property in Slaves, as though under a solemn conviction of its moral existence, is surely possible only to those who are inspired with that peculiar sentiment which Mr. Buchanan happily describes as "the sense of justice which is inherent in our people."

--From Punch, or The London Charivari--

We are informed that the President also took time in the same speech, to say how awful the slave trade was. America, with all her talk of "freedom" must have looked like the worst hypocrite imaginable. Thank goodness that problem ended with slavery.


Trooper York said...

Politicans have been lying sacks of shit since the country began.

Trooper York said...

Only the names change, but Alexander Hamilton could have been Mark Sanford.

Trooper York said...

What so many people forget is how many Northern men died to set others free.

Trooper York said...

But as the Irish used to say "It is a rich man's war but a poor man's fight."

ChocolateGodzilla said...

Whenever I feel like killing someone, I grab some Steve Earle or Ray Wylie Hubbard.

So check Stevie on youtube doing 'Dixieland' for the Irish Viewpoint on the Civil War.

I am Curraighn of the 20th Maine. Damn is he going bald.