Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hanky Panky, 1656 edition

...few men knowing the juggling Witchcraft that was therein, until at the command of the Parliament it being pulled down, there were found therein the several slights to move the Arms, Eyes, and Heads of the Images, and the Pipes to convey the water to make the Images shed tears in compassion to the people's prayers, and to convey Milk into the breasts of the Images of the Virgin Mary...

--From A Candle in the Dark--

Moving statues people probably wouldn't believe today, but tears and milk, yes!


Trooper York said...

"Milk in the breasts of the Virgin Mary"

Holy blashemy Batman (or however you spell that).

Trooper York said...

Hanky Panky is the name of the best selling panties we have in the store.