Friday, August 7, 2009

Save the children: 1805

"Among the various absurdities with which modern times and modem manners abound, there is no one which seems to threaten more evil consequences to society..."

Than child actors!

"...and hence it follows, that, instead of reading Caesar's Commentaries, and Studying Euclid's Elements, the youths are reading Shakespeare's Plays...

Nothing good can come from reading Shakespeare.

"But, to be serious :—among the many schemes set on foot by Voltaire, Condorcet, D'Alembert, and that host of wretches who combined to destroy Christianity, and to diffuse misery over civilized society..."

Voltaire, Condorcet, and D'Alembert; according to Wikipedia these are their crimes:

Voltaire - believed in freedom of religion

Condorcet - proponent of equal rights for women and people of all races

D'Alembert - helped write an encyclopedia

Who would have guessed? Long before the internet, video games, and television existed, the greatest danger to our children's minds was Shakespeare and Enlightenment philosophers.

--From The Gentleman's Magazine--


Trooper York said...

Hey they were the "Grand Theft Auto" of their day.

Jennifer said...

Hey, remember that time when I would only read Shakespeare?

Jason (the commenter) said...

Jennifer : Hey, remember that time when I would only read Shakespeare?

Shhhhh! People will think you are a degenerate!