Monday, August 3, 2009

America: 1805

The Americans, to their honour be it said, have triumphed over that petty African tyranny, to which the several States of Europe have so long submitted, and supported by their inglorious and impolitic subsidies.

Accounts from Medina, dated the 1st of June, communicate the following intelligence:

Colonel Eaton having landed with a body of marines, &c. from the American squadron in Egypt, advanced into the Tripolitan territory; and after some severe contests, in which he was wounded in the arm by a musket-ball, and in which many of his people fell, he carried Derna and Bungasi by assault. The Tripolitans, alarmed at this success, immediately made overtures of peace...

--From The Gentleman's Magazine--

Americans standing up to bullies while Europeans try to buy them off with money. Some things never change.

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ChocolateGodzilla said...

At least not while I'm still breathing.