Sunday, August 30, 2009

Footnotes of history: 1620

The music of Michelangelo Galilei, Galileo's little brother.

Was he any good, or was his stuff kept around just because of his brother's fame?


John Althouse Cohen said...

Based on that piece, he doesn't seem too special. The fact that he was primarily known for lute pieces also suggests he was a decidedly minor composer. He died in 1631 -- very early in the Baroque era. (He was closer to the Renaissance era than to Bach or Handel.) As time went on, instrumental music became more and more dominant relative to vocal music; a composer who specialized in music for a certain instrument would have been inherently limited back in the early 17th century.

Bissage said...

Yeah, yeah, sure, sure . . . but I still think Christopher Parkening is teh SEXXXAY!!!