Sunday, August 2, 2009

Dirty Dancing: 1894

Some select quotations concerning the waltz:

The waltz became to me, and whomsoever danced with me, one lingering, sweet and purely sensual pleasure, where heart beat against heart, and eyes looked burning words which lips dared not speak.

Women of virtue or self-respect will now blush to have the dance named to them.

The well-known Inspector Byrnes of the New York police declares that three-fourths, at least, of the abandoned young women of that city were first approached through the round dances by the villains who effected their ruin.

The waltz—-a species of dance I do not hesitate thus publicly to denounce as undisguisedly licentious.

Yes, "the voluptuous movement of the Waltz" is the dance of death.

--From The Lutheran Witness--

Wont someone think of the children?

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