Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Minority rights: 1805

"Mr. Alexander apprehended nothing but destruction to the Constitution, in Church and State, from a compliance to the prayer of the Petition."

"He had never met with a Blasphemer, a Democrat, or an Enemy to his Country, who was not a friend to the Catholics."

"The Roman Catholics, without any new law in their favour, already enjoyed more civil and political liberty than any nation on the face of the globe; and he saw no reason why they should complain."

--From The Gentleman's Magazine--

This was their basic argument:

Giving more equal rights to Catholics would cause a breakdown of society. Precedents would have been overturned to support a way of life that was hurtful to the state, and to the religion the was the foundation of the state. Plus, Catholics already have more than enough rights.

*cough* gay marriage *cough*

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Jennifer said...

And the oppressed become the oppressors.