Thursday, March 4, 2010

The noblest of pleasures: 1668

Since there is no pleasure more Noble, Delightsome, or void of couzenage [?] and deceit than this pleasure of Cocking is; and since many of the best Wisdomes of our Nation have been pleased to participate with the delights therein; I think it not amiss, as well for the instruction of those which are not unexperienced, as fortifying of them which have some knowledge therein, to declare in a few Lines the Election, Breeding, and Secrets of dyeting the Fighting Cock...
--From Country Contentments--

Cock fighting!

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Pete said...

A few years ago, cockfighting was criminalized throughout Oklahoma, much to the hootin' and hollerin' of the good folk in the Southeast part of the state. Their argument, in part, I believe echoed your post, that it was, indeed, the noblest of pleasures, though I don't think they used those exact words. But now they're as sophisticated as we are in the more civilized parts of the state.