Friday, March 19, 2010

Breast augmentation: 1661

That Womens Breasts may be made like to Virgins Breasts. is proved by experience, that a scale Fish laid to Womens breasts, will so bind them together, that they will look like Virgins breasts. The same may be done to the Secrets [We know what that word means!]. Let those who are given to pleasure and ornament prick up their ears.
--From Eighteen books of the secrets of art and nature--

 Over the past few day's reading I've come to the conclusion that many of the medical technologies we have qualms about today--breast (and vaginal) cosmetic surgery, genetic engineering of offspring, chemical castration--would have been used in the past. They even tried using them, they just didn't have the means to make them work.

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Pete said...

I don't get this impulse for improvement, neither then or now. My view is that if you're lucky enough to be allowed to enjoy these pleasures, you've got no business commenting, except in the most positive manner, about their condition.