Monday, March 29, 2010

Mind altering substances: 1902

Miss Annie Avery, a student in Lanrk, Ont., writes: "I know I felt my ill health even more than if I had been engaged in any other work, as the confinement of school only increased my sickness and inability to study.

"Last year I was on the way to a general breakdown in health; I suffered from severe headaches, was becoming a confirmed dispeptic, nervous system broken down, and my condition went on from bad to worse until I was unable to study or even go to school.

"My parents were very anxious about me, as medicine did not help, and mother, hearing about Grape-Nuts, obtained some and I commenced to use it at once...

...I have gained 30 lbs. since using Grape-Nuts and am enjoying good physical and mental health."
--From The Delineator--

It bills itself as a diet cereal today, but back in the day Grape-Nuts was happy to advertise a 30 pound weight gain by one of its "users".

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