Sunday, September 20, 2009

Life before sex ed: 1861

I have previously stated, that the French condoms will prevent conception, but the objection to them is, they are troublesome, liable to be torn in coition, prevent the full sexual enjoyment, as they do not allow that reciprocal warmth of the male and female genitals which is necessary, as it prevents their coming in contact except through the covering, which often chafes and irritates the female parts, and will if used for any great number of times, cause seminal weakness, debility and Impotency in the male.
Condoms make you impotent! Other means of birth control which wouldn't work (or would also cause impotency) included the rhythm method and withdrawal.

You had to be careful:
Prolonging the venereal act will also cause seminal disease and impotency.
And don't even think about touching yourself or you'd end up like this:

Ways to prevent pregnancy included:
Dancing, and urinating immediately after... ...Riding a trotting horse, or any excreise, that will agitate the ovum before it is securely located... ...strong catharties, all stimulating fluids, victuals that will promote thirst, bathing soon after coition...
Of course if you wanted a method sure to work, you had to send the author 5 dollars.
...those who should be eternally cursed are the unprincipled quacks, who palm off their injurious and nauseating stuff for money...
Yes, watch out for quacks.

--From Medical adviser and marriage guide--

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Trooper York said...

Hey if it weren't for quacks there wouldn't be any doctors.