Thursday, September 24, 2009

Journlists: 1898

The "interview," try to disguise the fact as one may, is an acknowledged evil. Few persons of taste like it but as there are many who desire to be represented as holders of certain important opinions, and many more who are willing to sacrifice their privacy to something, call it public good; as there are thousands with tastes perverted or vitiated who wish to appear in print on any pretext—the few who hate notoriety, and consider publicity on any pretext poisonous, must submit to their fate.
The world would be improved by less knowledge of harrowing details of private griefs.
--From Etiquette for Americans--

 Reporters weren't exactly considered respectable members of society, and they pretty much aren't anymore either.

I don't see how they'll get it back now that we can can release our own harrowing details via Facebook or Twitter. Reporters, anybody can do that job.


dr kill said...

Less posting by minors of my acquaintance would be a start. Damn, I have some stupid nieces. Is it true that Facebook is the first stop for potential employers, JTC?

Trooper York said...

The only thing worse than a journalist is a lawyer.

Trooper York said...

We just put the store on Facebook. One of our main competitors has tried to friend everyone on our site to send them to thier site. How about that for balls.