Saturday, June 27, 2009

Marketing, 1823 edition


It is requisite, in the first place, to know the different parts of those animals which are brought into our markets, ready slaughtered, and generally denominated butcher's meat.
The ox, or cow, when killed, is called beef, in which the fore-quarter consists of the haunch...

--From A Modern System of Domestic Cookery--

The chapter on marketing in this book (and all books in this time period) is all about how to purchase items at a market. It explains what all the cuts of meat are and which is considered the best to buy. So, instead of pie charts you get pictures like this:

Our marketing: how to sell things.

Their marketing: how to buy things.

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Jennifer said...

Their marketing seems a lot more useful to the average bear.

That picture cracks me up. The husband and I strongly believe that if you're going to eat animals, you need to remain cognizant of what it is you're doing and where your food comes from. To instill that in the kids, we do obnoxious little things like calling pork chops "pig chops". They learn the real names elsewhere.

So, we're at this crappy zoo standing in front of a pen full of little black pigs. My 4 yr old grins maniacally and yells out "pork chops!!" Awkward. Apparently, all we've instilled in them is the ability to look at animals and see them as the illustration above - just marked pieces of meat. So, that plan totally backfired.

If I could photoshop, I'd take a pic of him at the next zoo in front of an animal drawn up like that one.