Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mac 'n' cheese, 1852 edition


Take a quarter of a pound of macaroni, a pint and a half of new milk, put it in a stewpan, and let it stew till quite tender, take half a pound of Parmesan, grate it, add it to the macaroni, quarter of a pound of butter, pepper and salt, and a little cayenne, according to taste, mix them well together, and let them stew ten minutes, brown with a salamander, and serve.

--From The Illustrated London Cookery Book--

This sounds delicious and rich. By the way, salamanders were blobs of metal you could heat up in the fire and hold over food to brown it. Much like chefs might use a butane torch today.


Meade said...

I love this blog, just discovered it!

benning said...

Actually it does sound tasty!

A broiler would brown the top nicely. :)

Jennifer said...

Plus ça change...

Actually, I love how that can be an appropriate comment on a lot of your posts. The continuity of humanity is fascinating.