Monday, June 8, 2009

How to please your man (on a rainy day), 1894 edition

Upon rising, dress with particular care. On the certainty that no one will be in, there is a tendency to don old clothes and add to the gloominess of the wet evening. Father and Fred will be unconsciously cheered by the sight of smiling faces and bright dresses. They will enjoy and appreciate the hot chocolate or cocoa or some little extra planned as a pleasant surprise.

The feeling of satisfaction on looking back over the well-employed hours and uncongenial tasks performed will help to create a happy atmosphere at the dinner table and enable all to laugh heartily over the little joke which Fred brings home from the office--his way of contributing to the family cheer.

--From Good Housekeeping--

The housewife was also enjoined to take a short rest during the day to "smooth her brow".


Trooper York said...

Hey women should buy a new dress every day. And twice on Sunday.

The old values are the right values.

Trooper York said...

Oh and Florida sucks man.

I didn't find it appealing at all.

Of course now that I back home my poor ankles and back are apeeling, a-peeling my freakin skin off!

Jason (the commenter) said...

Oh and Florida sucks man.

We are a crazy, fiscally irresponsible state.

We suck all the taxpayers out of places like New York, then get you guys to foot the bill when a hurricane hits.

Florida runs its own insurance scheme and purposely keeps the rates low with that in mind.

Ha ha! And you all keep coming down for vacations.

dr kill said...

I think all this Florida suckage commenting and linkage is just Trooper's way of traffic building without resorting to abortion and religion.

I like it.