Monday, August 16, 2010


I saw lots of sidewalks in Xiamen:


Beautifully paved:


Some of them had had raised tiles, which felt wonderful to walk on with tired feet. But the sidewalks were even more multi-purpose than you might think:


Lots of times when you were walking you had no idea where the street ended and the sidewalk began. Sure, there was a raised portion meant for people, but that didin't mean cars wouldn't be there, too. Often the sidewalk was used as a parking lot, so you could be walking on the sidewalk and see headlights in front of, or behind you:

Did I mention most places don't have street lights? You really had to pay attention.

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Ron said...

This makes me think how you could change the appearance of cities just by changing the sidewalks! If they were say, more artful, that could even be used in a directional fashion! An untapped idea.