Thursday, August 12, 2010

Roads to nowhere

I just got back from China and I realized something as I was driving home from the airport. A lot has been made in America about "the bridge to nowhere" and other wasteful government infrastructure projects, but almost every road we have here is a road to nowhere; we don't have the population density to support them. What makes it especially wasteful is that we also have zoning laws to purposely keep the population density low.

I understand many people dream of living in a house in the country, but the laws we enacted to
protect those dreams haven't worked. We don't have homes in the country, we have suburban sprawl. We live next to gas stations, or in trailer parks, or in neighborhoods that are empty most of the time. It's no wonder taxes are high when so much land is taken up by roads. It's no wonder we can't support basic manufacturing when workers need to be paid enough money to buy a car, pay for car insurance, and pay for gas. By fighting urbanization we have crippled the future of America and disfigured its countryside.

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