Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Guerrilla warfare: 1779

My comrades, thought I, will laugh at me for alarming them by shooting a pig! I had almost resolved to let it alone, when, just as it approached the thicket, I thought I observed it give an unusual spring. I no longer hesitated:

I took my aim; discharged my piece; and the animal was instantly stretched before me with a groan which I conceived to be that of a human creature. I went up to it, and judge my astonishment, when I found that I had killed an Indian! He had enveloped himself with the skin of one of these wild hogs so artfully and completely; his hands and feet were so entirely concealed in it, and his gait and appearance were so exactly correspondent to that of the animal's, that, imperfectly as they were always seen through the trees and jungles, the disguise could not be penetrated at a distance, and scarcely discovered upon the nearest aspect. He was armed with a dagger and a tomahawk.
--From La Belle assemblée--

Women's magazines used to be a lot more interesting.


Pete said...

Still, I wouldn't be surprised to learn that following this article there was a nifty low-fat recipe and tips on how to get your husband to do things.

Jason (the commenter) said...

I see similarities qnd differences. There was a recipe for a great sounding chicken liver stew (with pasta and cheese!); and I've already blogged the article about how to keep your husband from beating you to death.