Saturday, July 24, 2010

Attack on the modern male: 1807

This lady composed the following vocabulary to express the character of a husband, from her own experience, and which proves how copious our language is on that article:—He is, said she, an abhorred, abominable, acrimonious, angry, arrogant...

...ireful, jealous, keen, loathsome, maggotty, malevolent, malicious...

...wrathful, yarring, yelping dug in a manger, who neither eats himself nor will let others eat.
--From La Belle assemblée--

I know it's fashionable in certain circles to decry society's seeming attack on all things male, but it doesn't seem that new. It may even be toned down a bit.

(I'm not saying it's healthy, just that it's not a modern problem.)

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