Sunday, February 28, 2010

Xenotransplantation: 1667

I took a Calf and a Sheep, both of the larger sort, and having prepared a Jugular Vein in each, I planted my Pipes and Quills, as is usual, both in the Jugular Vein of the Calf (designed to be the Emittent) and in that of the Sheep (intended for the Recipient.) Then I took out of the Sheep 49 ounces (Haver de pois weight) of blood, before any other blood was let, in about which time, the company concluding the Sheep to be very faint, and finding the blood to run very slowly, I stopped the Vein of the Sheep, and unstopped the Pipe in the Calf, letting run out 10 ounces into a Porringer, which was done in about 40 seconds of a Minute. Then I conveyed Pipes from the Emittent Calves Vein, into the Recipient Sheeps Vein, and there ran a good free stream of blood for a space of 5 minutes...
--From Philosophical transactions--

Thank God for animal testing, becuase these people would have used humans if they could. Of course, they probaby went and used this technique on people after trying it on animals.

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