Saturday, February 27, 2010

Inquiring minds want to know: 1667

Inquiries for Suratte, and other parts of the East-Indies.

15. Whether there grows a Wood in Java, that naturally smells like human Excrement. And if so, what kind of ground it grows in.

17. Whether near the Fort of Ternate there be a Plant, called by the Inhabitants Catopa, whence fall little Leaves, which are turned into Butter-flies.

36. Whether there be found in the head of a certain Snake, a Stone, which laid upon a wound of any Venemous Creature, sticks fast to it, and draws away all the poison; then being put in Milk, voids its poison, and turns the Milk blue; and then applied again, draws out the rest of the poison, that may be behind, till the wound be perfectly cleansed.
--From Philosophical transactions--

These are some questions the Royal Society wanted answered. They were stupid questions, but the type of stupid questions that are good to ask. Modern science is the result of them.

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