Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Insurance: 1661

The king was inclined to restore the lord Lorn; though much pains was taken to persuade him, that all the zeal he had expressed in his service was only an artifice between his father and him to preserve the family in all adventures: it was said, that had been an ordinary practice in Scotland for father and son to put themselves in different sides.
--From History of his own Times--

Always have some members of your family publicly hold views opposing your own. It allows you to plausibly say you were persuaded by them (and not circumstances). Also, in a worse-case scenario, they can take over if your career is prematurely ended.

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Trooper York said...

That's what the mob always did. In one convention, Lucky Luciano and Jimmie Hines from Tammany Hall were supporting Al Smith and Frank Costello and Carmine DeSapio were supporting Franklin Roosevelt.

You gotta split the ticket.