Thursday, November 26, 2009

Veggies=Yuck: 1888

I have sat at the Thanksgiving tables of clergymen, lawyers, doctors, generals, merchants, the best of our New England farmers and the far-famed hospitable Quakers. Never, except at a recent dinner in Boston, have I seen a soup as a part of a Thanksgiving dinner, and never except in some magazine bills of fare have I seen a course of fish, or canned vegetables, or a salad, unless celery served without dressing and eaten with the other dishes, may be called a salad.
--From Good housekeeping--

Veggies for Thanksgiving are just another fraud the mainstream media is trying to foist upon us. Don't be a victim. Veggies are filler!

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Bissage said...

What about that little dish of olives and pickles that everyone ignores? Does that count?