Thursday, June 24, 2010

Prescription drugs: 1741

The Medicinal Herbs, in so large an Empire, are doubtless very numerous, but I shall only take notice of the most Remarkable and the most Valuable.

Rhubarb grows in great abundance, not only in the Province of Se tchuen, but also in the Mountains of Chensi. The Flowers resemble Tufts in the shape of a Bell, jagged at the Ends; the Leaves are long, and rough to the Touch. The Root is whitish within, while fresh, but when dryed it assumes the Coulour it has when it comes to us.
--From The general history of China--

The difference between their high priced prescription drugs and ours, is that ours work.

Also, ours aren't good in pie.

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El Pollo Real said...

Just don't eat the leaves.