Friday, June 25, 2010

Alien wolds: 1741

When, upon leaving Europe, we land in the nearest Borders of Africa, doth it not seem as if we were got into another World?
--From The general history of China--

That's an easy feeling to get. You can feel it going from urban to rural areas, traveling to different cities, even visiting different places in the same city; not to mention all the different communities on the internet. It's surprising, considering how "small" and "interconnected" the world is supposed to have become, that it isn't more homogeneous. If anything, it seems like the more connected a society becomes, the less homogeneous it is.

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Jennifer said...

This has never been more clear to me than it has since arriving in Europe. Amazing that these countries and their people have lived side by side for thousands of years and still are all so very different.