Friday, October 30, 2009


The rich don't know how to be rich anymore. There's no real reason to envy them, except maybe out of habit. I mean, what do they have today, that an ordinary person couldn't purchase a pretty good substitute for? Or make themselves? No one's going to be touring their houses in a hundred years. They're probably not even made out of materials that would last that long.


Trooper York said...

Well you envy their ability to make mistakes without any consequence. For example that's why so many people hate the Yankees. They have so much money they can just spend their way out of mistakes. If they sign a guy who sucks to a big contract, they can cut him or put him in the minors. But other teams have to pay the crappy player because they have so much money invested in him.

Trooper York said...

Plus rich people have such cool names like Muffy and Chad and Fifty Cent.