Saturday, October 24, 2009

Green revolution: 1769

The improvements which have been made in the art of Gardening, within fifty years past, are very great; so that we may without presumption affirm, that every part of this art is in as great perfection at this time in England, as in any part of Europe. Our markets being better supplied with all sorts of esculent plants through the whole year, than those of any other country; and these in their several seasons are afforded at so cheap rates, that they are become a great part of the food of the poor: to which we may in part attribute the abatement of those violent scorbutic disorders, which formerly raged so much in this country.
--From The gardeners kalendar--

It's kind of weird to think of gardening as a major survival skill; it's probably a sign of the decadence of our society that when we hear the word "gardening" we think of flowers. A garden must have been an amazing place when food was hard to come by.

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Trooper York said...

Plus lonely dried up spinster love to seduce their gardners. Like Lady Chatterly. So to speak.