Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Vacation day

I've never really gone on vacation before so I decided to take my Sunday and make it a vacation day. Lunch was packed along with some things some things, and I went out to see what I could find.

What I found was a field of butterflies just like this:

And some exotic blossoms growing in a thicket:

I even found a deserted beach:

I sat there, reading; sometimes laying back, closing my eyes, and listening to the waves.

But I came to find out that the beach wasn't deserted:

And there were things moving in the water:

Even a couple having sex!

But the view was nice:

And sometimes other people floated by, just as happy as me:


El Pollo Real said...

Was there any ice cream there?

Jason (the commenter) said...

Strangely enough, there is a dearth of ice cream parlors in Saint Petersburg, which may account for for sometimes obsession with the frozen delicacy.

Anonymous said...

No ice cream??!!??!! Not my kind of place.